Our service offering was developed to address the needs of our clients who understand the value of expert guidance on matters of governance.

Our goal is to ensure that your organization maintains best practices for your governance policies and procedures. We recognize that it takes keen attention to detail and a considerate knowledge base to ensure that the increasing regulatory requirements are being met.

Independent Review (“IR”) is a team of highly accomplished professionals who work with our clients on an as-needed basis to deliver best-in-class guidance on all manner of governance and regulatory oversight.

Each type of organization can use one or several of IR services. Explore each of them below:

Independent Review Committee

Independent Review Inc. (“IRI”) assists fund managers set up their Fund’s Independent Review Committee (“IRC”) to meet the initial and ongoing obligations under National Instrument 81-107.

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Independent Review Panels

Independent Review (“IRI”) assists alternative asset managers develop best practices in managing conflict of interests by setting up Independent Review Panels (“IRPs”).

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Regulator’s Exemptive Relief Orders

Meeting the requirements of an Exemptive Relief Order by setting up Independent Review Committees (IRC).

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