Independent Review Panels

Independent Review (“IRI”) assists alternative asset managers develop best practices in managing conflict of interests by setting up Independent Review Panels (“IRPs”).

Alternative asset managers with either private equity or private debt investment funds may choose to establish an Independent Review Panel (“IRP”). These managers opt to do so even without any regulatory requirement or obligation. By creating an IRP, the Manager demonstrates its belief in oversight and fosters a superior compliance culture.

In consultation with the Manager, IRI will create a bespoke Conflict of Interest Manual using concepts from National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds (“81-107” or the “Instrument”) as well as draft a written charter to establish the framework under which the IRP will operate. The Written Charter sets out IRP’s structure, mandate, responsibilities and functions, along with the policies and procedures that it will follow when performing its functions.

With the assistance of IRI, the Manager will select a panel of IRP members from our roster of industry experts and senior executives. The mandate of the IRP is to review conflict of interest matters, lending and other transactions done on behalf of the Funds.

Establish an IRP for:

    Non Reporting Asset Manager
    Private Debt

Services offered:

  • Full-service secretariat
  • Sourcing Independent Review Panel members
  • Contracts of Service and Indemnity between the IRP and the Manager
  • Managing Conflict of Interest Referrals
  • Develop IRP Charters and Mandates
  • Establish Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures
  • Organize File Reviews